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Switzerland – Fedpol Permission required

If you are planning to order an airsoft gun to Switzerland, your first step should be to look into getting an import permit from Fedpol.

When filling in the document for Fedpol, you will need to put some product information.
Here is a little guide to help you:

Type/Art: Airsoft Rifle or Airsoft Pistol / Airsoftgewehr oder Airsoftpistole
Manfacturer/Hersteller: Novritsch Trading GmbH
Modell: put the product name, e.g: SSG10
Caliber/Kaliber: 6mm
Weapon Number/Waffennummer: leave empty/freilassen
Name and Adress of the Supplier/ Name & Adresse des Lieferanten:
Novritsch Trading GmbH
Wimbergergasse 14-16/1-01-01
1070 Wien

Updated on June 13, 2023

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