Get to know everything about Novritsch Warranties.

General Warranty Information

  • All products sold on carry a 2 years warranty from the date they are delivered, unless otherwise specified.
  • Warranty covers a repair or replacement of a defective or damaged product, as determined by the NOVRITSCH service team.
  • Receipts must be present for warranty claims, NOVRITSCH is not liable for warranty if the product is purchased by a third party (including retailers)
  • Services are non-refundable once completed, a return can be processed within 14 business days.
  • Using HPA will increase the chance of your replicas wearing down faster. Therefore, NOVRITSCH replicas will not be covered by our warranty if used with HPA. Please use HPA at your own discretion.
  • NOVRITSCH does not issue any of its own warranties beyond the legal warranty, except for a special 25 years sparepart policy where indicated.
  • NOVRITSCH is not responsible for damage caused by negligence.

Limited or NO Warranty

  1. Consumable parts are excluded from warranty.
  2. The modification of the product by installing 3rd party internal parts or by modifying any of the original parts will void the warranty.
  3. Disassembly that goes beyond the necessary maintenance of a product  (lubrication and cleaning out debris) voids the warranty, unless instructed directly by the NOVRITSCH service team.
  4. Physical damage, issues caused by non-maintenance or user error and damage to airsoft guns as a result of using unsuitable BBs are not covered by warranty.
  5. Opening the Gearbox voids the warranty, unless instructed otherwise.
  6. Any damages must be reported within 4 business days as per “Other warranty information”. Wear and scratches reported after this period on any external parts are not considered a warranty case due to the nature of the sport. 

Goods defective due to mishandling or improper use

Goods that have been painted or have the orange tip removed

Goods that are strongly worn, damaged, wet

Goods that have been dropped or struck against objects (evident damage)

Goods that have been modified

Goods that have been used with too strong gas/CO₂ for the recommended temperature

Goods that have been wrongly used

Airsoft replicas that were damaged by firing poor quality BBs


Other Warranty Information

Transit damage: If you receive an item which appears to be damaged in transit, please keep the order intact (packaging and all goods need to be saved). Contact our Customer Service Team within 4 business days to assist with a carrier claim and provide pictures of the packaging, packing slip and all the arrived items.

Missing goods: If you receive a parcel which does not contain all goods, please keep the order intact (packaging and all goods need to be saved) and contact our Customer Service Team within 4 business days to assist with a claim.

Consumable Parts

Consumable parts are excluded from the warranty.

  • Hop-up bucking
  • Magazine
  • Dust cover
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Magazine
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Hop-up Nub
  • Battery
  • Frame
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Hop-up arm
  • Magazine release
  • Selector Arm
  • Magazine
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Magazine
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Magazine
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Hop-up Nub
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Rail Screws
  • Stock Screws
  • Magazine
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Body of the gun
  • Magazine
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Hop-up nub
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Springs
  • Safety Lever
  • A2 M-LOK covers
  • A2 Cheek rest Screw / Nut 
  • A3 pistol grip
  • A3 pistol grip screws
  • Magazine
  • Hop-up bucking
  • Springs
  • Screws
  • Cheek rest
  • Bolt handle pin
  • Magazine
  • Seals
  • Valves
  • Feeding Lips
  • Broken buckles
  • Wear and tear
  • Spring-powered grenade
  • Grip tape of the magazine pouch
  • Killflash/Honeycomb
  • Lenses in optics (unless stated otherwise)

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