Order Statuses

Please have a look at the information below to find out what the status of your order means.

Awaiting Verification

Age verification is needed if you ordered an airsoft gun with us. Otherwise the order cannot be shipped.
Unfortunately, we are not able to send any airsoft guns without an age verification due to legislation. We will treat your data confidential and you can request deleting your documents after verification. You can also cover all parts of the ID except for the birth date and your name.

Please follow this link to get your ID checked.

Please make sure that you are using the same email address that you have used with your account on Novritsch.com.

Preparing package

Your order is in the status “preparing package” which means that it will be dispatched soon. You will receive your tracking ID via email once the package is forwarded for postal services. Your order should not be in this status for more than 2-3 working days.


Your package is on the way to you or already with you. You should have received a tracking ID via email.


We refunded your order. A refund can take up to 7 working days (in some cases) to be processed. This depends on the payment method you chose.

On hold

We did not receive your payment yet. Depending on the payment method it can sometimes take up to two working days for the payment to arrive. Your order status should then change automatically. We recommend that you reach out to us if the status doesn’t change within 3-4 working days

Manual Check

Your order needs to be looked into by one of our employees. You do not have to do anything as we will look into this on our end and either adjust your order or contact you (if further information is needed).

On Preorder

You have ordered a gun that is not available yet. We work with a preorder system that allows our customers to reserve a spot for our highly wanted airsoft guns. The preorder time frame depends on the product you have ordered.

Please have a look at the product page of the preordered item, the information should be shown there.


Unfortunately your order failed. If any payment was booked from your account, it will be booked back within a few working days. We recommend contacting your bank to make sure you are allowed to make international transactions.

Please feel free to place a new order with us.

Waiting for customer response

We reached out to you in the past and are waiting for your response. Please reach out to us, so we can assist you.

Updated on December 17, 2021

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