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Laws regarding airsoft differ quite a lot from state to state. This page is listing all the regulations we put in place for the United States.

General Precaution

  • Ordering an airsoft gun is only possible if you are 18 years or older. After placing your order you will get instructions on how to prove your age.
  • All airsoft guns sold in the US have an orange tip mounted at the end of the barrel to comply with federal regulations.

Exempted Cities

We are not sending airsoft guns to certain cities. You will not be able to check out and select an address in these cities:

  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • New York City
  • Atlantic City


Some postal codes in California are blocked from ordering, as airsoft guns are strictly regulated in this area.

As the law specifies a 6mm caliber, Full Thrust products are blocked.


As Columbia is restricting the sale of airsoft guns with BBs in excess of .18 inches in diameter, we blocked this area for purchasing airsoft guns.


In order to use the most defensible interpretation of BB, we blocked Full Thrust products for the state of Delaware.


Hawaii prohibits any person, including licensed manufacturers, licensed importers, and licensed dealers, from possessing, selling, gifting, or delivering electric guns. “Electric gun” is defined under state law to mean “any portable device that is electrically operated to project a missile or electromotive force.”

Therefore we are restricting the sales of electric guns.


Air guns do not fall under the category of firearms but big bore air guns that use .18 caliber or higher ammunition must have a velocity below 700 feet per second (FPS).

Customers from Illinois will get contacted by us if by accident they are purchasing airsoft guns that infringe the limit of 700 fps.


In order to use the most defensible interpretation of BB, we blocked Full Thrust products for the state of Kansas.

Rhode Island

Unfortunately, we cannot ship airsoft guns to Rhode Island.

Rhode Island defines all non-powder guns as firearms, ensuring that felons and other persons prohibited from possessing firearms are similarly barred from possessing dangerous non-powder guns.

Rhode Island considers by State Law, all Non-powder guns as “Firearms” as defined under State Statutes.

Updated on June 15, 2023

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