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Importing items – Customs delays

Customs is a state authority, responsible for the safe flow of goods entering and exiting a country. Based on the legislation, they are able to seize packages or charge Customs/Import/ VAT fees, according to the current regulations.

As a general rule, customers are responsible for their orders, as they are the importer of record.

In cases where orders are seized, the recipient is responsible for being in contact with their local authorities and cooperate for the inspection. We are not able to influence it’s duration or for the result, nor can we interfere. It is best if you become familiar with the import restrictions, applicable laws or other regulations which apply to the items, prior to ordering. If you need additional documents, we will be of course happy to assist.

For charges imposed by Customs, these are paid to the state and not to us, therefore we are not able to refund them. The amount charged and cases where such fees are applied vary from country to country, which is why we kindly ask our customers to contact their local authorities, in order to get detailed and up to date information.

Updated on May 3, 2021

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