SSR9 Academy

Safety & Intro

Let’s start with learning how to safely use your rifle. Even if you’re already playing Airsoft, this can be useful.

Note: some of the videos are demonstrated with another replica, but the procedures apply to the SSR9 as well.

1 – Watch Me First!

2 – Safety (with SSR4)
3 – How To Grip (with SSR4)
4 – SSR9 Overview


From operating your SSR9 to properly adjusting it, you will find plenty of helpful advice here. We will demonstrate with the SSR9 and with other replicas. Don’t worry, the procedure is always the same.
5 – Gun Operation
6 – LiPo Battery Safety

Battery Safety Rules

7 – ETU & Programming

Click for 1.5J Guide
Click for DSG Guide

8 – Precocking
9 – How to adjust the Hop Up (with SSR4)
10 – Motor Height Adjustment


Get insights into how the SSR9 is built and how to reassemble it.
11 – Maintenance

14 – Gearbox Disassembly
12 – Disassembly

15 – Gearbox Assembly
13 – Assembly


Just to get everything in order.
16 – How to chrono your replica

FPS & Joules calculator