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Claim your McMillan TAC338 NFT Certificate

Fill out the form to claim McMillan TAC338 NFT Certificate

Put in the address you want us to transfer the certificate to. (e.g. 0x1ed3...)
Never worked with NFTs? Check out this YouTube guide. Alternatively, here is a written guide.
Please, put in the serial number of the McMillan TAC338. It should be two letters followed by a double-digit number on left side of the receiver (for example #EX21).
Please, add the order number of your McMillan TAC338 purchase here.
Please, take a picture of your McMillan TAC338 in a way that the serial number is clearly visible.

Please note that the certificate transfer may take up to 2-3 weeks. Thank you for your patience and enjoy your McMillan TAC338!