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UK orders – specific information

The first step after placing your order – Age Verification

To receive airsoft guns in the UK, you need to be over 18 years old and have a UKARA membership. With the process of Age Verification, we aim to make sure that you fulfill these two requests.

Cases where the Age Verification does not apply

If your order does not contain spare parts or guns, then age verification is not needed. This applies mostly to customers who only order gear or accessories.

What to expect after placing your order

Once you have placed your order, we will contact you for your UKARA details.

The information needs to be sent from the same e-mail address you used to place the order, and the name on the UKARA membership has to match the recipient’s name.

Once the age is verified, your order will go in “preparing for UK Export”, meaning the UKARA number is being added to your package, in order to avoid Customs issues. The next steps will be the status “Preparing Package”, which means the order is about to be shipped and completed – the order was sent out and you will automatically receive the tracking number.

Customs Inspections and delays

Right now, there can be even several weeks of customs delays. Novritsch adds all necessary paperwork to your package.

In cases where orders are seized or delayed, we strongly recommend contacting them directly and checking if there is anything additional they need. The recipient is responsible for being in contact with their local authorities and cooperating for any eventual inspection. We cannot influence its duration or the result, nor can we interfere. If your order is with Customs and you would like to inquire about it, you can contact them using the following link:


It is best if you become familiar with the import restrictions, applicable laws, or other regulations which apply to the items, before ordering. If you need additional documents, we will be of course happy to assist.

Having doubts about your package?

In the unfortunate event where the shipping provider brings the package to you, and it looks damaged, open, or you suspect there is something missing – please refuse the package and have it returned to sender. Immediately contact us using our Contact form, and let us know – if the parcel was sent back, we will be able to assist you further.

Shipping takes too long?

If the shipping takes too long and you suspect the package has been lost during shipping, please do contact us and tell us about it. We will then start an inquiry with the shipping provider, which takes a minimum 12 business days. During this period, we, as well as our colleagues at the warehouse, are cooperating with the shipping provider in order to find the package. Please note that packages seized by Customs are not considered as lost – the Customs procedure mentioned above applies.

Updated on December 17, 2021

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