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UK & Ireland Shipments: Brexit and Covid-19

The situations in logistics is currently quite difficult for UK as well as Ireland.

Borders closed due to new Covid-19 outbreak

Currently we expecting delays for our shipments to the UK, due to the closing of the Eurotunel as well as the cancelation of air traffic due to the newly discovered mutation of Covid-19.

Packages which did not leave our warehouse yet, will stay on hold until deliveries can be processed again.

For more information, please check:


21.12.2020 – In consequence of the current situation at the Eurotunnel (trucks not allowed to arrive to the Eurotunnel area) and especially to reduce further delays as much as possible, we decided to temporarily stop our services to the UK and Ireland. This means there will currently be no DPD delivery service to ship goods from and to the UK and Ireland available. We therefore kindly ask you to keep your UK or Ireland bound shipments at your premises until further notice.


On 1st of January, the United Kingdom will not be treated as part of the European Union anymore. Brexit will most likely cause delays due to customs procedures in the UK. VAT and tariffs will be payable in UK for deliveries.

We are still waiting for all details to get published as the negotations are ongoing.

Updated on December 21, 2020

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