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SSR15 Preorder Shipping Updates

Here you will find all information about the expected shipment of your SSR15 preorder.

Preorders for SSR15 – European Shop

StatusExpected Shipping Date
In stock
small quantities are available

Preorders for SSR15 – US Shop

StatusExpected Shipping Date
Shipping out end of Summer 2021

Detailed Shipping Updates

  • 28. April 2021 The SSR15 is back on preorder for the US. The estimated shipping time is the end of summer 2021. We will update this website as soon as we have further information.
  • 09. March 2021 We started shipping preorders to Germany. The SSR15 is in stock in the EU and US now.
  • 26. February 2021 We are starting to ship preorders in the US today! The SSR15 is in stock in the US right now.
  • 15. February 2021 The standard version of the SSR15 is in stock in the EU. The german version is expected to arrive within 2-3 weeks. US orders are expected to ship within 2-3 weeks as well.
  • 21. December The SSR15 was loaded for sea freight now and is on the way to Europe and the US.
  • 24. September The production of the SSR15 for the current preorders has already been started.
Updated on April 28, 2021

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