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SSP18 Preorder Shipping Updates

Here you will find all information about the expected shipment of your SSP18 preorder.

Preorders for SSP18 – EU

StatusOrder DateExpected Shipping Date
CompletedBefore 20th of January 2021January 2021
On Preorder From 20th of January 2021Shipping out end of March 2021
On Preorder SSP18 – GREEN after the 1st of MarchShipping out August 2021
On PreorderSSP18 – GREY after the 30th of MarchShipping out August 2021

Preorders for SSP18 for Germany

StatusExpected Shipping Date
On PreorderGerman Orders (Semi Only) Shipping out March 2021
On PreorderGerman Orders (Semi Only) – GREEN
ordered after the 5th of February 
Shipping out August 2021

Preorders for SSP18 – US

StatusOrder DateExpected Shipping Date
On preorderBefore 20th of January 2021January 2021/ delayed to Mid of April 2021
On PreorderAfter 20th of January 2021Shipping delayed to Mid of April 2021
On Preorder Color GREEN after 25th of February 2021Shipping out August 2021
On PreorderColor BLACK after 22nd of March 2021Shipping out August 2021
On PreorderColor GREY ordered after 31st of March 2021Shipping out August 2021

Detailed Shipping Updates

  • 30. March We are happy to inform you that we started shipping preorders in the EU yesterday evening! We are doing our best to ship all orders as soon as possible!
  • 22. March The shipment for the EU preorders will arrive next week. This shipment also includes the German version of the SSP18. We can therefore start shipping with a small delay at the end of March/beginning of April.
  • 16. March We are very sorry to inform you that USA preorders for the SSP18 are delayed. We are estimating a possible shipping date in the middle of April. The delay is caused by international logistics issues; it is currently not possible to ship any containers as planned.
  • 26. February The next batch of the SSP18 is in production and will start shipping approximately in the middle of March.
  • 22. January The US warehouse started to ship out preorders as well. Please give us some time to ship out all orders. It can take up to 10 working days.
  • 14. January We started shipping out in Europe for the non-German versions.
  • 15. September We launched the SSP18. After selling out, it changed to a preorder product. Stock is planned to arrive in January 2021, for the German version we are looking at spring 2021.
Updated on March 31, 2021

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