SSP1 – Leaking Magazines

Sometimes your SSP1 magazines might start leaking. The following video explains why this issue occurs and how to fix it. Make sure to follow all the instructions carefully and to use the correct lubricants.

SSP1 CO2 Magazine – Leaking from the bottom

If your magazine is leaking from the bottom, please put some silicon oil in the shaft for the CO2 capsule. If you have thicker silicon oil please use that one. Make sure that the bottom of the magazine is facing upwards.

Let it soak in overnight and the leaking should not be existing anymore. BUT keep in mind that if you shoot the magazine after the “bath”, you will get your gun completely oily. Just press the valve with a loaded CO2 capsule to release all the oil.

SSP1 Gas Magazine – Leaking from the bottom

In order to stop the leakage, you need to remove the plastic cap on the bottom. On the bottom, there is a golden valve and a black screw. Please tighten the black screw and the leaking should stop.

Updated on October 27, 2020

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