SSG10 – Airseal Issue

Problem Description

When I close the endcap with my finger and pull the trigger, I can hear air leaking out of the system slowly and the pop is not very loud when I release the finger.


We designed the SSG-10 for players. It must be airtight so that the power of the spring transfers into the BB acceleration and not into an air leak.
However, the SSG-10 was never designed to hold the pressure for longer than needed. An airsoft BB leaves the gun in less than 100ms. That is a tenth of a second. Within this time the gun must have good compression to achieve the necessary efficiency to produce 5.0 Joules with a spring that is still manageable to pull back.


Measure the muzzle speed of your SSG-10. If it’s power sits where it should be according to the spring table, your gun is perfectly fine. If your Joule rating is way too low, please contact customer support.

Updated on October 27, 2020

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