Co2 and Gas

Co2 Capsules

Co2 should be used in temperatures between ~13°C to ~30°C or ~55°F to ~86°F.

The Co2 cartridge is a pressurized gas above a liquid when at room temperature. When the airsoft gun is fired, it releases some of the gas and converts some of the remaining liquid to gas to fill the remaining space until the psi is equalized for the temperature. So, what is the pressure in a CO2 cartridge? It will depend on the temperature, but the minimum is between 852.8 and 900 to get enough power behind the pellet to reach the specified velocity or FPS.


The gas-bottles have different temperature ranges. While blue gas is the weakest and black gas, the strongest, it also depends on temperature and the gun, which one to choose. If you use a too weak gas, either the gun jams, does not fire BB’s, or the performance drops severely. If you use a too strong gas type, you might damage the sealings of your gun and magazines or even break the gun.

To find out which gas you should use, please go to the gun-specific page and follow the tables below.

To fill the magazines correctly, the filling valve must always look upwards.

Please don’t store the gas or Co2 in your magazines, when you don’t use them for a longer period of time. Otherwise, you might damage the O rings of the sealing.

Updated on May 30, 2023

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