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SSX303 Troubleshooting

We created this page to help customers with the most frequently occurring issues. Please take your time and read through the ones that sound similar to the issue you are having.

If your problem was not solved – please use the contact form below.

The hop-up wheel is stuck.
The cause of this issue comes from the factory assembly of the gun. 
In short, the wheel was not tightened enough, which therefore causes the wheel to stick. 

This can easily be resolved by removing the body and then screwing the wheel in further.  Afterward, the hop-up wheel should be able to be adjusted.
The shots are curving.
If you find that your SSX303 shots are curving either to the left or to the right, you will find that the cause of this issue is coming from the silver pressure plate that is underneath the TDC. 

You can adjust this by bending the arm of the pressure plate a bit.
Your SSX303 should be shooting straight again after.
The safety is not working.
The safety on the SSX303 works just like the safety on the SSX23.  It can only be engaged when the hammer is cocked.  However, unlike the SSX23, you cannot directly contact the hammer of the gun. 

The hammer can still be cocked by pulling the trigger back approximately halfway, you will then be able to feel/hear the hammer cock back. At this point, you will be able to engage the safety.

We also have a video that shows how to engage the safety in the SSX303 Academy: https://eu.novritsch.com/academy/ssx303-academy/
The gun has low FPS/Joules.
The main cause of low fps or Joules will usually come from either the type of gas and/or BBs that you are using.   It is essential that you are using the correct gas for the temperature at which you are using the gun.  You will find our recommended gas type and BB weight in a chart that is posted on the SSX303 product page:

However, if you are indeed using the correct gas and BB weight, the cause of the issue could actually be coming from your magazine.  Please go to our SSX303 Academy using the following link and watch the video titled “SSX303 Academy Troubleshooting:

If this does not solve the issue, please reach out to us via our website.
The stock tube is loose.
The stock tube on the SSX303 is secured with two threads.
Around the tube, you will find the clip, which can be tightened/loosened using an AR tool.  With the clip loosened, you will then be able to turn the stock tube to tighten it. 

You would need to tighten it to the point, where it cannot be tightened more, but is still aligned with its correct position. You may need to turn it back a touch to get it aligned. 

Once aligned, you will need to tighten the clip on the tube again.  This applies pressure to the threading to not allow the stock to become easily loosened.
The gun has feeding issues.
A bag of screws should have been included with your SSX303 purchase. The bag should contain a small golden clip. 

The installation of this piece will solve the feeding issues that you are currently experiencing with your gun.  On the bag, you will find a QR code that will lead you to a tutorial video where you will find step-by-step instructions on how to resolve this issue. 

Alternatively, you can find the video here:
In case your issue is not covered in the points above