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SSX23 Troubleshooting

We created this page to help customers with the most frequently occurring issues. Please take your time and read through the ones that sound similar to the issue you are having.

If your problem was not solved – please use the contact form below.

Why are the BBs rolling out of the barrel?
Usually, this happens because the screw on top of the hop-up is not applying enough pressure.

The hop-up is not pressing sufficiently onto the BB, which makes it roll out of place. To fix this, please turn the screw clockwise, in order to apply more hop-up.
Which BBs should I use for the gun?
We recommend using the 0.36 g BBs

If you want to use lighter BBs this is of course possible.
Of course, it is also possible to use a lighter BBs version, just keep in mind that the heavier BBs are more accurate and have a much more stable flying path.
The SSX23 cannot go through a whole magazine.
When loading the magazine, please hold the gas bottle over the magazine and make sure that the feeding lips are pointing towards the ground.

The reason for that is that the gas is actually not a gas, but a state of aggregation, which is, in fact, liquid. You can indeed compare it with pouring water into a glass since the liquid can only flow downwards

When filling it, count to three and stop filling. We know it can go longer, but you want to avoid overfilling the magazines. 
Why does my safety not work?
In order to engage the safety on your SSX23, you need to pull the hammer down
Once this has been done, the safety can be engaged.
Why is my gun not feeding?
Please watch the following video

My gun does not shoot far or is not shooting at all
You might be using too strong gas, which causes light striking.
Please check the gas recommendations table here:

It might also be that your hop-up is set too high and that it, therefore, jams the system.
Please ensure, the hop-up is engaged and make sure that it is not set too high.

In case your issue is not covered in the points above