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SSR15 Troubleshooting

We created this page to help customers with the most frequently occurring issues. Please take your time and read through the ones that sound similar to the issue you are having.

If your problem was not solved – please use the contact form below.

The gun stopped working.
Please ensure that everything is connected properly, also check the motor cables, which are sitting under the grip. To get access to the motor, you have to remove the two Allen key screws, where the first one, sits in the front of the brass screw (do not open or close, this is the motor height adjustment screw) and the other one is right behind it.

If you do not find any loose cables, or if the SSR15 does not beep, as soon as you connect the battery, please contact us.
Which battery should I use?
Please use the 11,1V LiPo, only for the 1,5 Joule versions, and the 7,4V LiPo for the 1,13 Joule and the 1Joule version.

If you use the 11,1V LiPo on the 1,13 Joule or on the 1 Joule version, you might damage the piston and the gears. In this case, the warranty would be voided.
My gun is not shooting according to the muzzle energy table.
Please ensure, that the hop-up is set right and that you are using the correct BB weight.

Please ensure, if you are using the pre-cocking mode, that after a game, you put the gun on full-auto for at least 1 shot.
This helps the spring to maintain the same pressure for a longer period of time.
The bolt catch is wobbly.
The bolt catch might seem a little wobbly, and this is caused by the mounting Allen key screw, which is not screwed in properly.

Please take a size 0,9 Allen key and screw it in a bit.
Which BBs should I use?
Please use the 0,25g BB’s only for the 1 Joule version of the SSR15.

For the 1,13 Joule and the 1,5 Joule versions, 0,28g BB’s are recommended.
The first few shots of a full magazine are weaker.
The problem you are experiencing is called midcap syndrome.

It will appear if your magazine is overfilled.
Put 10 BBs less into the magazine, and your shots will be fine.
Do other magazines fit?
The SSR15 was designed, to use most of the M4/AR15/SCAR L/L85 magazines on the market. Just be certain, to use an AEG magazine.
Which springs can the SSR15 take?
The SSR15 can take AEG springs up to an energy of 1,5 Joules.
Everything above will void the warranty.
I can´t remove the flash hider
There is a small Allen key screw, at the underside of the flash hider, which must be opened.

Afterward, you have to turn the flash hider in a clockwise direction because the thread is made counterclockwise.
The bolt catch does not return automatically.
There is a spring installed in the upper receiver, which lets the bolt catch return.

If the spring is broken or a bit worn out, the spring has to be replaced.
In case your issue is not covered in the points above