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SSG10 Troubleshooting

Why is the BB rolling out of the Barrel?
On the first adjustment clicks the hop up will not press on the BB enough which makes it roll out of place. The reason for that is that the hop up itself is holding the BB in place. If the arm does not press enough on the BBs, there is nothing that will hold it in place which makes the BB roll out of the chamber.

So to fix it, please adjust your hop up more, meaning that the hop up arm will apply more pressure and the BB will stay in place. In the end, if you adjust the hop up to the setting that you will use in a game, this issue cannot appear anymore.
Why is the BB rolling out of the Barrel?
1 Joule Version: 0.25 g BBs
2.2 Joule Version: 0.4 g BBs
2.8 Joule Version: 0.46 g BBs
5 Joule Version: 0.46 g or 0.49 g BBs

If you want to use different BBs this is of course possible.
Just keep in mind that the listed BB weight will provide the best performance possible for the spring.
How do I remove the red tip?
The red tip is glued in and secured with a pin on the side.
We would recommend getting a new outer barrel. Also please keep in mind that if you try to remove it and damage the gun, it will not be covered by the warranty. 
My gun is not hopping the BBs well enough.
When the gun is not hoping it could be that there is lube or dirt on the rubber. Please check the academy and follow the maintenance guide on how to clean the barrel and hopup rubber.

Please check that even though the gun has not been brought to a game yet as it is possible that there is some excessive lubrication from the factory. 

What are the differences between the A1, A2 and A3?
The A1 comes with the classic hunting-style rifle stock and bolt handle.

The A2 has the MLC-S1 stock and the enlarged bolt handle

The A3 has the A3 stock and also the enlarged bolt handle.

The upper of it is the same on every SSG10. Only the accessories are different, the performance of it, however, will not vary between the models.
In case your issue is not covered in the points above