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SSE18 Troubleshooting

We created this page to help customers with the most frequently occurring issues. Please take your time and read through the ones that sound similar to the issue you are having.

If your problem was not solved – please use the contact form below.

Semi auto trigger response is slow
Please understand that the SSE-18 is an AEP, which means that it has a gearbox fitted into a very small form factor. It will always respond slower than a full-size AEG, due to the size limitation. (Smaller motor, smaller battery etc.)

If you feel like your SSE-18 is too slow for an AEP, it might be that there is oil on the contacts of your switch.
This oil can be cleaned off by switching the pistol to semi-auto and pulling the trigger 200-300 times. This process must be done in semi-auto and will not work when the SSE-18 is on full auto.
The friction in the switch will wear off the oil and you should have a better trigger response afterward.

Unfortunately, this is all you can do regarding improving the trigger response of the SSE-18.
Semi auto shoots full auto
If your SSE-18 shoots Full-Auto when switched to Semi this is the right troubleshooting guide for you!

This happens in most cases because the slide was closed with the fire selector in full-auto position. If this is repeated multiple times or with some force, the cut-off lever gets bent down which causes it to malfunction. Please watch the video below to learn how to fix it.
Once fixed, please make sure to always close the slide with the fire selector on semi-auto.

Magazine is not holding BBs
If your SSE-18 magazine does not hold the BBs properly and they spill out sometimes, this is the right troubleshooting guide for you!

Alex explains in the video below how this can be fixed easily. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and a lighter. It can even be a nail file.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a better fix for this on hand at this point. Even if we send you a new magazine, this issue can occur again, therefore following the video guide is currently the only way to solve the issue consistently
We are working on this issue and are doing our best to fix this for future batches. Please understand.

Cable broke off components
Unfortunately, this can happen as the space in the SSE-18 is quite tight and the cable must be cramped in there in order to close it.

You can contact us and send in your SSE-18 to have it fixed.
However, this is the slowest and most inconvenient way, as you have to wait for the repair and you also have to pack everything and bring it to the post office.

This is why we recommend the following options:
(warranty will not be voided if it goes wrong)

1. Fix it yourself. If you have a soldering iron and you know how to use it this is the best way.

2. Ask a friend with a soldering iron. Anyone who works with electronics will have access to this tool and it will take the person about a minute to get it fixed.

3. Visit a local electronics shop with a service center or an airsoft store. They will have a soldering iron. If they charge you for the service, please keep the invoice and send it to us. We will refund up to 20 EUR back onto your account. (It should be less than 10 EUR for this job usually)

If none of the above is an option for you, please contact us and attach a picture or video of the broken cable.

This picture is for polarity reference.
Battery doesn’t work
If you believe that your SSE-18 battery is faulty, you have to find out first if it really is the battery or if it is the SSE-18.

Please inspect that battery for damage. If you see that the cable broke off the battery – please refer to the troubleshooting guide for “Cable broke off components”.

Try a different battery in your SSE-18 if you have one. If the gun works then, then you will know the other battery is faulty.

If you have a different Lipo charger please use it to find out if the included charger might be broken. If there is no red or green light visible when the charger is plugged in, it means that it is broken.

In some cases, the battery can be fixed by plugging it into a dedicated Lipo charger.

If none of the above helped you – please contact us.
Muzzle Energy / fps are too low
The SSE-18 is an AEP which means that it has a small gearbox fitted into a tiny format. This is why the power of the SSE-18 is limited to under 0.5 Joules.

The power of the SSE-18 should be measured with 0.2g BBs in order to get the right value for the speed. It should be between 190 fps and 230 fps.
If it is not, please change the hop up adjustment. More or less hopup can affect the muzzle power of the SSE-18. Too much pressure and the BB can get stuck slightly in the bucking, which reduces power. Too little hopup and air pressure cannot be built behind the BB.

If this didn’t help you, please contact us directly and attach a picture of your chronograph readings to the message.
The gun is not working at all
In case you cannot pull back the trigger, the SSE-18 has a small black switch in middle of the right side. Please move it upwards in order to disable the safety.

If it still won’t fire, make sure that the battery is charged with the included charger (light should be green) and that the battery is connected.
If it still won’t fire, please check if any of the cables in the slide are broken of components.
If so – please refer to the “cable is broken” thread in troubleshooting of the SSE-18.

If nothing of the above helped – please contact us.
Magazine release button came off
On the SSE-18 it can happen that the spring that pushes the button back into place – jumps out of its original position. This can happen if the button is pushed in too deeply.
In case you lost the parts, you can find them in the SSE-18 spare part section at novritsch.com

Alex created a video for this issue. Please watch it to find out how to solve this issue.

Hopup doesn’t work properly
There can be multiple reasons for your hopup to not work on the SSE-18.
Please take off the slide from your SSE-18 and check if you can move your hop-up dial. If it does not move, please take a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew the screw in the middle of the dial slightly. Now it should be easier.

If you can rotate the wheel three times by 360 without it stopping, it means that you broke off the little pin from the hopup plate.
This can happen if you apply too much force on the wheel even tho it is already it it’s max or min positions.

Unfortunately, this is not covered by the warranty as it is a user error. Please check out the SSE-18 spare part section in order to get the replacement part.
In case your issue is not covered in the points above